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Best CELPIP Coaching Center in India

England English Institute is unquestionably the Best CELPIP Coaching Center in India. With the Record-Breaking Success Since 2017 continuing the Leadership position in the industry. It is not an exaggeration to say England English is the Only One-Stop destination for all your CELPIP Course needs.

Why England English?
is Top CELPIP Coaching Center in India

England English offers unprecedented level of training for CELPIP General & LS Tests training in both Online & Offline batches. Our CELPIP Expert Trainers guide you to score the best in CELPIP test. England English CELPIP Training Online provides hands free and comfortable celpip online training for those who cannot make it physically accessible.

Pioneer in CELPIP Coaching

First to start CELPIP training in India, in 2017.

12+ Years Experience

Nurturing Candidates with the skills needed since 2010.

Trained 1200+ Students

Learn with our result-oriented Expert Professionals

Customized Training

Suited for all Candidates based on their requirements

most comprehensive CELPIP Training programs

England English offers most comprehensive CELPIP Coaching programs which serves almost all.

CELPIP Conquer

for Candidates looking for a score of CLB 10

30-45 days Course Duration,
12 months Course Validity,
5 Online Scored Mock Tests
40+ Individual Practice Tests
1 to 1 Speaking & Writing Evaluations

CELPIP Champion

Crash Course / Intermediate Level Course

7-15 days Course Duration,
6 months Course Validity,
5 Online Scored Mock Tests
40+ Individual Practice Tests
Topics Fully Covered within 1-2 weeks (15 days)


A Custom Tailored Course for CELPIP Online

Perfectly crafted CELPIP Online Training Course for Online
CELPIP Expert's Support,
Classes Via Zoom platform,
Limited Seats in a batch,
Customized Training,
Flexible Timings.

See the Scores, not Just Reviews

We are the best in the Industry unquestionably.

What our students say about us

Loved by the test takers across the globe.

Bhargavi Manthree

England English is the best institute for CELPIP  coaching in Hyderabad. With very well expert teachers and really it’s a good environment for Celpip preparation. Staff will clear our doubts with patience. I feel that England English is the Best place for studying Celpip. It is a good place for getting good score in Celpip General Test. 

Rohith Tappeta

Highly recommended institute for CELPIP coaching.  Harsha Sir’s teaching is awesome. I got CLB 10 in my 1st attempt.  I will be altimes thankful to Harsha sir. Thank you so much sir for your training. 

Amith Sharma

Excelent Celpip training Center. I took celpip online training for about 45 days. Initially, I hesitated about taking online, but not after listening the trainer – Harsha Sir’s demo session. I immediately enrolled for celpip training with them. And Successfully I achieved CLB 9 Band in my 1st attempt only. 

Sowmya Chinta

I have to really thankful to the whole team whole-heartedly for making me to reach my CELPIP requirement CLB 8 band. Especially, this success goes to Harsha Sir. I will give 100% credit to Sir for making me to believe myself for CELPIP test. England English is a good place for CELPIP Online Training.

Chandana Pavan Sreekanth

It is good place for CELPIP training. I joined for Celpip training online. I received excellent support from Tutor – Harsha Sir. We loved you training during the classes sir. Celpip material provided are very useful for Celpip preaparation.

What is CELPIP Test?

CELPIP is the acronym for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, the leading general English tests for immigration, citizenship, and professional designation to Canada. It has two types: 1. CELPIP General (for Permanent Residence), 2. CELPIP LS (for Canada Citizenship). CELPIP Tests are Computer-Delivered and results are Available online in 4-5 days after the test date.

CELPIP General Test

It is accepted for Canada Permanent Residence (PR) visa applications by IRCC and is also accepted for professional designations. This test has four modules namely Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. This is a Single 3-Hour Test Sitting.

CELPIP General LS Test

It is accepted for Canada Citizenship applications by IRCC. This test has Two modules only namely Listening, and Speaking. This test can can be taken only from Canada. Test Centers are located only in Canada. This is a Single 1-Hour Test Sitting.

CELPIP General Test Format

The CELPIP General Test total test time is about 3 hours and is done in one sitting CELPIP-General Test has four components — Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The CELPIP Test is fully computer delivered, providing test takers the opportunity to complete all test components in one sitting with no appointments, interviews, or test sittings required additionally.

Listening module

Listen to passages (audio played once only) and answer questions (Each Question with 4 Options),
6 Parts with 38 Questions,
Time: 47–55 minutes.

Reading module

Read the passages (audio played once only) and answer questions (Each Question with 4 Options),
4 Parts with 38 Questions,
Time: 55–60 minutes.

Writing module

This module has 2 Questions only.
Q1. Email Writing - 27 minutes,
Q2. Responding to a Survey Question - 26 minutes
(Response should be in 150-200 Words)

Speaking module

This module has 8 Questions only.
Reply to on-screen prompts verbally.
Time: approx. 15-20 minutes (Each question has Separate Time to speak)

Download the CELPIP General Test Format for more detailed information about each sub-test

How to Register for CELPIP General Test

The below 5 steps will guide you to Book CELPIP exam Slot on your own.

1. Create a CELPIP Account
In order to book CELPIP Test Slot online, one must create an account at - Official Website. (click on the “Sign In” link at the top of the homepage)

2. Login into Your CELPIP Account
Upon creating CELPIP account or signing into an existing account, one can register for a test.

3. Register for CELPIP Test & Select a Test identification Document
During Test booking, one can clearly select the test date, time, center, city, and country for taking the test. Note that, you should enter the details as exactly as in the Identification document. (most preferably the Passport). One can choose the type of personal ID that they will bring to the test day to the test center.

4. Confirm information and proceed for payment
Test taker's can make the test fee payment via credit card online ( 280$ + Taxes).

5. Get the Test Booking Confirmation
Once payment has been processed, test takers will receive their test confirmation email. Test takers should take this along with the Identification document (original) to the test center on the Test day.

For test takers who need to cancel or reschedule their test sitting, review the transfer and cancellation, visit the celpip official website

CELPIP Band Scores

CELPIP Band level description with clear information about each band level.

CLB 12 | CELPIP 12 - Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 11 | CELPIP 11 - Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 10 | CELPIP 10 - Highly effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 9 | CELPIP 9 - Effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 8 | CELPIP 8 - Good proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 7 | CELPIP 7 - Adequate proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 6 | CELPIP 6 - Developing proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 5 | CELPIP 5 - Acquiring proficiency in workplace and community contexts
CLB 4 | CELPIP 4 - Adequate proficiency for daily life activities
CLB 3 | CELPIP 3 - Some proficiency in limited contexts
CLB 0,1,2 | CELPIP 0,1,2 - Minimal proficiency or insufficient information to assess
NA - Not Administered: test taker did not receive this test component

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Most frequently asked questions about CELPIP General Test

1. Can I take CELPIP General Test-Home based?
A: NO. CELPIP is a test center based exam. There is no provision for taking celpip at home.

2. I am confused about Celpip vs IELTS. Which is best for me?
A: It is based on the purpose of your planning. If you would like to move only to canada, then you can select CELPIP (as it is a bit advantageous over IELTS). But if you want to have multiple options in mind like Australia, as well, then undoubtedly IELTS is the best option (as it is accepted globally for all purposes).

3. Can I re-take CELPIP General Test, and how often?
A: Yes, you can re-take CELPIP Test as many times as you want to. But keep in mind of keeping a gap of atlest 4 days between 2 test dates. Otherwise the tests will be cancelled..

4. What is the CELPIP test fee in India?
A: It is generally $280. In INR it is equivalent to 12,900 (Subjective to change).

5. What is the best CELPIP coaching center in India?
A: Undoubtedly it is England English institute. England English is the best renowned coaching center since 2010 providing services not just for CELPIP, but for other international English tests as well like, IELTS, PTE, OET, GRE, TOEFL, & NAATI .

6. Where can I find the Best CELPIP Online Training?
A: Absolutely , It is England English.CELPIP Online Training Center.

Think not Twice. Waste not Time. Join England English. Join the Harbinger of Success.

England English.

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