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England English is The Top IELTS Coaching Center:

Score-Guaranteed IELTS Training for Student and PR Visa Candidates.

England English provides Score-guaranteed IELTS Coaching In Hyderabad. Are you looking for the best IELTS coaching center in Hyderabad? You are at the Right place. i.e, ENGLAND ENGLISH. If you are looking for the best IELTS training for going abroad for study purpose, we assure you a minimum of 7.0 band overall score in IELTS Academic. If you are planning to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, Canada for Permanent Residence [P.R.], we assure you a score of 7 or 8 bands in all modules, and 8,7,7,7 (For Canadian PR). Above all, England English Institute faculty consists of Expert professionals who bring firsthand experience to all courses.

England English IELTS Coaching institute provides comprehensive IELTS Classroom and IELTS Online training for students not just only in and around Hyderabad. Our services are availed by thousands of students who are abroad now. IELTS Coaching in England English institute is very comprehensive and Score-Oriented. We continue to support you until you get the desired score in IELTS Academic & in General Training. England English institute is also regarded as the best IELTS Online coaching center in India.

How We Train you for IELTS?

England English provides 4 Stage-Training Process for IELTS Academic and General Training.

Stage - 1

30-45 Days Classroom Teaching (Activity) (For Crash Course 15 Days)

Stage - 2

10-15 Days Simulated Mock Tests Conduction & Test Results.

Stage - 3

3 - 10 Days Mock Test Reviews & Speaking Interviews Sessions

Stage - 4

Assisting you in Exam Booking and Providing Exam day Tips.

IELTS Programs offered by England English:

IELTS Courses & Programs that are designed for the best interests of our students .

IELTS Vital (L1)
Suits for a score of 6.5 - 7.0 Overall (preferable for Student Visa Aspirants)
  • 30 days Classes.
  • 25+ Practice Tests.
  • 10+ Mock Tests with answer key
  • 6 months validity*
  • 4 Class Tests.
*This program can be customized depending upon the needs & demands of the students'.

IELTS Advanced (L2)
Suits for a score of 7 or 8 Band in all modules.(for Immigration / PR Visa Aspirants)
  • 30-45 days Classes.
  • 35+ Practice Tests.
  • 20+ Mock Tests with answer key
  • 12 months validity*
  • 4 Class Tests.
  • 3-5 Individual Speaking & Writing Sessions.
  • Doubts Sessions.

IELTS Customized - For individual Purpose. (Special Programs)

1. Individual sessions with trainers & Detailed feedback and suggestions.
2. Personalized tips for improvement.
3. Detailed scoring with explanation & Improvement tracking.

or If you are looking for something special & more like...

1. Single Module Training
2. Writing Corrections
3. Speaking Evaluations
4. One-to-One Training

are some of the many customized services we provide!

England English is The Top IELTS Coaching Center In India? Why

Unique Features attributed to our 'England English' Institute:

1. IELTS Coaching at England English makes you feel proud and a worth taking course. Our IELTS  trainers are Vastly Experienced and aptly Qualified to teach IELTS Academic & General Training.
2. We Charge the fee only for the score you want to get, not for the duration of the course. Until you get the desired score in IELTS, we continue to train and support you.  We have secured many great score for the students who are planning to go abroad for studies. and we made many peoples dreams for settling abroad (PR). They are happily settled in several countries abroad.  
3. Most importantly, We train the IELTS students with focus on individual aspects and devise the strategies work for them and Support them in all ways possible.
4. In short, IELTS Training at England English is not just finishing the syllabus, it is for enabling you to acquire the skill needed for getting good score in IELTS. As part of the IELTS Coaching we provide Standard and Authenticated Practice Tests & Mock Tests. To sum up, Our ultimate aim is to get the BEST score in IELTS for our students.

View England English. - Students' Score Reports.

See Some of Our handpicked Students Test Reports & Success Stories.

View England English. - Students' Review & Feedback.

See Some of Our Students Coaching Experience Reviews and Feedback on our Services.

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I chose England English institute for IELTS and GRE Coaching. I got excellent training here. I'm very grateful to England English for their top-notch training. The faculty was very helpful and they supported me a lot. and the care that shown to me is highly appreciated. I recommend if you are looking for best IELTS coaching, the place for you is surely, England English Institute.
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I started searching institutes for the Best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad. But no other institute guaranteed the score. The people at England English institute told me that they would secure me the required score in 1 month and in 1 attempt, truly I didn't trust them. But after attending one class, my view totally changed. I took coaching for 4 weeks only. I got 7.5. Thanks to everyone at England English institute..
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I would strongly recommend England English coaching centre for anyone looking for IELTS training. The faculty are very helpful and up to the task. With their support, I got Band 8. Highly appreciate all the effort put into helping me! This complete credit goes to Koti sir.
Manoj Kondlay
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Best training centre for IELTS & PTE, top notch faculty who makes learning easy with the best tips to crack the good score 💯 percent worth for price. I feel grateful I became a product of England English
Rajeev. K.
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England English is the best IELTS coaching center in Hyderabad. They have excellent faculties and their teaching methods are really effective. I got my required score in the very first attempt! I highly recommend this institute for IELTS coaching in Hyderabad
Sajan B.S.
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I am so glad to share my personal experience with England English. It is one of the best coaching Institute for IELTS preparation with good faculty . I'm very happy about teaching techniques of Koti sir. Thank you so much sir...
Unnagiri Venkatarao
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This is one of the Top IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad to prepare for IELTS test. The material provided is simply enough and to be considered the best one. I scored 8,7,7,7 bands in IELTS easily just by attending all the Kot Sir's classes.
Narendra chowdary Kodavali
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Thanking England English institute for helping me in getting my desired score in IELTS. I scored 8.0 band in IELTS. All this credit goes to koti sir, the perosn behind my success. I definitely recommend this England English institute for IELTS coaching.
vandana duggimpudi
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Loved by the teaching of Koti sir. It is a superb institute for IELTS. I got 7 band overall score, I feel proud of saying I am a student of England English.
Sathish Reddy
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England English is the best IELTS coaching center in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. My friend suggested me to join here. I am impressed with Koti Sir's teaching. I recommend it for IELTS Coaching.

What all IELTS about?

(International English Language Testing System - Academic & General Training)

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English language proficiency test conducted for the people who wants to go abroad for studies, immigration (PR), and for jobs also. There are two types of IELTS tests available. They are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. In IELTS exam, there is a score band given for 9.0. Depending upon the university or the country you are planning to move, decides the score you want to get.

IELTS in India is conducted soley by IDP-Australia. IELTS exam fee stands at 14,700 INR*. In a month, you will find two exam dates available for General Training and 4 exam dates for Academic testing. IELTS is conducted in two modes, first, Pen-and-Paper based testing which is widely preferred by most of the IELTS test takers, and Computer based testing (IELTS - CBT).


The IELTS Academic test is suitable for those planning to study in an English-speaking environment or university (higher education). You can also take IELTS Academic for professional registration purposes.

IELTS General Training - P.R.

The test is suitable for those applying for Permanent Residence purpose and also for work experience or other employment training. It is required for migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

IELTS Test Format:

International English Language Tests System Simply called IELTS, test your communicative skills ability in 4 modules namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. There are four parts or components in the IELTS test - Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The Listening, Reading, and Writing parts of the IELTS will be held in that order on the same day in a single sitting. Meanwhile, the Speaking test may be taken 7 days prior to or after the remaining tests. In some cases, it is taken on the same day as the other components. We offer the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad and ensure you get the highest possible score in each of these components.

Total Test Time: 2:45-3:15 Hrs
Test Dates: Two modes are available - Paper based and Computer based
A. Paper Based Test - 4 Times (IELTS Academic) & 2 Times (IELTS General) in a month
B. Computer Based Test - Multiple Times in a month.
Test Fee: 14,700 INR
Result: Paper Based Test [in 13 days]; Computer Based Test [in 4-5 days]

Listening module- 40 questions / 30 minutes + 10 minutes Extra Time at the end.

There are 4 sections in the Listening test of IELTS with 10 questions in each section. Each section contains instructions on how to do the test along with giving candidates the chance to look at the questions before the audio begins. Candidates should expect to hear a range of accents spoken in the IELTS Listening test. But, Marks will be deducted for incorrect spelling and grammar. Note that the audio for the test can be heard only one time

Reading module- 40 questions / 60 minutes + NO Extra Time at the end.

IELTS Reading covers a set of different kinds of questions such as labeling diagrams, multiple choice, identifying information, and short-answer questions among other things. Marks are deducted for incorrect spelling and grammar. Also, this component is different for IELTS Academic and IELTS General applicants.

Writing module- 2 Tasks / 60 minutes. Different for Academic & General Training.

The Writing component of IELTS is made up of two separate tasks. Examinees must complete both these tasks to successfully attempt the test. Firstly, Task 1 for IELTS Academic contains a descriptive study of statistical or non-statistical data such as a pie chart, table, or graph among other things. For IELTS General Training, Task 1 covers writing a formal, semi-formal, or informal letter.

Task 2 constitutes writing an essay question. This task is the same for both IELTS Academic as well as IELTS General Training applicants.

Speaking module- 3 Parts / 11-14 minutes.

IELTS Speaking component is a formal face-to-face interview of the test taker with an examiner. Moreover, It has three separate rounds:

Part 1 is where you are asked about your personal details.
Part 2 is where you will be given a task card along with the cues. A minute is given to prepare the answer after which you must speak uninterrupted for 2 minutes.
Part 3 is where the examiner and the test taker will discuss either a random topic or the topic covered in the previous round.

How to Book IELTS Exam? [IELTS Slot Booking Process]

DIY (Self-paced) mode:

(follow the procedure and arrange all the details required in order to book your slot)

1.  Firstly, Log on to
2. Secondly, Select the option “Register” Select your preferred IELTS test date as well as the test city. You will see the seat availability status.
3. Next, Fill in the online IELTS test application form.
4. Lastly, Pay the test fee by credit or Debit card - Master / Visa / RuPay. 
5. Finally, Get instant seat booking and acknowledgement.


England English's Support:

(We will book your slot at your preferred location on your behalf)

Details Required for IELTS Slot Booking:
1. Passport Front and Back Copy
2. Your Email Id and Mobile Number
3. Test Date, Center, Location, Mode of Testing, & type.
4. Test Fee Payment Acknowledgement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I re-schedule my IELTS Test?
Yes, You are. If you need to reschedule or cancel your registration, you must do so at least 13 full days before your test date. Otherwise, You must pay some amount before proceeding for new IELTS slot.

2. Which is the best IELTS coaching center / Institute in Hyderabad?
There are several coaching institutes who branded themselves as the Top IELTS Coaching Center in Hyderabad, but are not in reality. England English institute is the One and Only IELTS training center in Hyderabad which truly offers Score-Oriented Best IELTS training. No doubt 'England English' is the TOP IELTS Coaching centre in Hyderabad.

3. What is the Best Score in IELTS exam?
There is no Pass or Fail in IELTS. A Score of 6.5+ is what generally considered ideal for obtaining an university admission abroad. However, some universities are considering even a score of 6 band for admissions. On the other hand, a score of 7 in all modules or 8 bands in all modules is what actually required for Immigration services to Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

4. IELTS Coaching - Online or Offline (Classroom)
IELTS Coaching Online! How? if it is your question? Then answer for that is England English. England English offers best IELTS coaching online in Hyderabad besides providing best & high-end offline sessions.

5. Is IELTS a difficult test?
Test difficulty depends on the score you want to achieve in IELTS. But not with England English. We make you feel more comfortable and satisfied with our strategies that are aimed at getting you the required score.

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