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England English is the Best OET Training center in Hyderabad, India.

Score-Guaranteed OET Training for Healthcare Professionals looking for Grade 'B'.

Occupational English Test is a Language Assessment Test for a total of 12 Healthcare professions. Amongst all,  Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy professions candidates takes up this OET test most prominently. England English provides you the Best OET Coaching in Hyderabad, in a manner that you can achieve your desired score in just 1st attempt. New Batch Starts Every Monday at England English. We request you to attend a Real Class as a demo session to see the real standard of teaching.

England English offers score-guaranteed Occupational English Test Coaching programs for healthcare professionals who are planning to move abroad for Job, Professional Registration, and permanent settlement (P.R. / Immigration). England English earned the reputation of being one of the best OET coaching centers in Hyderabad by providing Quality, Customized, Authenticated training to thousands of students. England English is the best place for your OET exam preparation. Until you get the desired score in OET test we continue to support you. We charge fee for the score you want, not for the duration of the course. At England English, we assure you a score of Grade 'B' (If you are planning to go abroad Job, Professional Registration) or Grade 'A' in all Sub-tests (If you are planning for Immigration to Australia, New Zealand).

OET trainers at England English are aptly qualified and vastly experienced, provide you the best OET training. We will guide and support you until you get the desired score in OET. At England English, the Best OET Coaching Center in Hyderabad, the OET Practice materials we provide are 100% Standard and Authenticated which are on par with real OET exam standard so, you feel better oriented to the same standard upon completing OET training.

England English is The Top OET Coaching Center In India? Why

Unique Features attributed to our 'England English' Institute:

1. OET Coaching at England English makes you feel proud and a worth taking course. Our OET trainers are Vastly Experienced and aptly Qualified to teach OET. We provide Score-Guaranteed OET Coaching online in Hyderabad, India for Healthcare professionals planning to migrate for Job, Settlement, Study
2.We Charge the fee only for the score you want to get, not for the duration of the course . Until you get the desired score in OET, we continue to train and support you.  We have secured many great score for the students who are planning to go abroad for studies. and we made many peoples dreams for settling abroad (PR). They are happily settled in several countries abroad.  
3. Most importantly, We train the OET students with focus on individual aspects and devise the strategies work for them and Support them in all ways possible.
4. In short, OET Training at England English is not just finishing the syllabus, it is for enabling you to acquire the skill needed for getting good score in . As part of the OET Coaching we provide Standard and Authenticated Practice Tests & Mock Tests. To sum up, Our ultimate aim is to get the BEST score in OET for our students.

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How We Train you for OET?

England English provides 4 Stage-Training Process for Occupational English Test Coaching.

Stage - 1

21-30 days of OET Training by Expert Language Teainers. Trainers nourish you to get the familiar with the actual standard of the OET test by teaching you the required strategies and techniques of the OET test.

Stage - 2

In this Stage, you will be given 3-5 days of additional coaching (if required) on the topics which you possess the doubts / concerns. All these sessions are scheduled either Group or Individual as per the candidates preference. mostly on Saturdays.

Stage - 3

In this Stage, you will offered 10-25 + Mock Tests for all 4 modules with minimum 3 mock tests in a week conducted in the real-time exam conditions to make you feel more like a Real Test. This Stage lasts 5-10 days followed by Review Sessions.

Stage - 4

In this final Stage, you will be given feedback about your performance in the mock tests, for improving your score in the Real Test. and Guiding you to take the test at the right time possible. This Stage lasts 2-5 days or sometimes more than a month.

All About OET Test Format:

Occupational English Test simply called OET is the single exam which is acceptable for job, professional registration to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA. Moreover, OET is also accepted in Australia, New Zealand for immigration purposes. A score of Grade B in OET test is widely accepted across the globe.

OET is a Paper-based Test, takes approximately 3 hours for finishing all 4 modules namely Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking in the same order. You will receive the test results in 21 days.

OET2.0 is the revamped version of OET (from 9th September 2018) Listening and Reading are with 3 Parts, the newly added part C. OET releases the grade your achieved in the test also with the points you earned in correspondence with the grade. Recently, OET started Computer-based test version in order to help the candidates during COVID-19. But, many people preferred to take OET Paper-based test as it is ideal and perfect. OET is an exam having the blend of both skill and knowledge based language testing on par in standards and authenticity with other international English language tests. OET is collectively owned by CBLA. Listening and Reading sub-tests are common for 12 professions, Writing & Speaking sub-tests vary from profession to profession.

Listening module: Overview

Listening is the 1st module in the exam, which consists of 3 Parts. Total Time: 48-55 minutes (including the time given for writing answers, pauses, some gaps + 2 minutes extra time at the end)

Part A (24 Questions) – Consultation extracts (about 5 minutes each)  -  Part A assesses your ability to identify specific information during a consultation. You will listen to two recorded health professional-patient consultations and you will complete the health professional’s notes using the information you hear. Note: the health professionals may be any one of the 12 professions who can take OET.

Part B (6 Questions)– Short workplace extracts (about 1 minute each)  -  Part B assesses your ability to identify the detail, gist, opinion or purpose of short extracts from the healthcare workplace. You will listen to six recorded extracts (e.g. team briefings, handovers, or health professional-patient dialogues) and you will answer one multiple-choice question for each extract. 

Part C (12 Questions)– Presentation extracts (about 5 minutes each)  -  Part C assesses your ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview on a range of accessible healthcare topics. You will listen to two different extracts and you will answer six multiple-choice questions for each extract.

Reading module: Overview

Reading is the 2nd module in the exam, which consists of 3 Parts. Total Time: 60 minutes (NO extra time given at the end)

Part AExpeditious reading task (15 minutes)  -  Part A assesses your ability to locate specific information from four short texts in a quick and efficient manner. The four short texts relate to a single healthcare topic, and you must answer 20 questions in the allocated time period. The 20 questions consist of matching, sentence completion and short answer questions.

Part B and Part CCareful reading tasks (45 minutes)
Part B assesses your ability to identify the detail, gist or main point of six short texts sourced from the healthcare workplace (100-150 words each). The texts might consist of extracts from policy documents, hospital guidelines, manuals or internal communications, such as emails or memos. For each text, there is one three-option multiple-choice question.
Part C assesses your ability to identify detailed meaning and opinion in two texts on topics of interest to healthcare professionals (800 words each). For each text, you must answer eight four-option multiple choice questions.

Writing module: Overview

Time: 45 minutes.

The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter. Some alternative letter types are a letter of transfer and a letter of discharge. A letter to advise or inform a patient, carer or group is sometimes used in Pharmacy, Veterinary Science and occasionally for Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy. 

Another task variation, with a different focus, is a written response to a complaint (for Radiography). Along with the task instructions, you will receive stimulus material (case notes and/or other related documentation) which includes information to use in your response.

England English provides SWE Rules-Enhanced skill nourishment program as part of the OET Coaching for the candidates whoa re poor in Writing sub-test

Speaking module: Overview

Time: approximately 20 minutes

In each Speaking test, your identity and profession are checked by the interlocutor and there is a short warm-up conversation about your professional background. Then the role-plays are introduced one by one and you have three minutes to prepare for each. The role-plays take about five minutes each. 

Role-plays:  You receive information for each role-play on a card that you keep while you do the role-play. The card explains the situation and what you are required to do. You may write notes on the card if you want. If you have any questions about the content of the role-play or how a role-play works, you can ask them during the preparation time. The role-plays are based on typical workplace situations and reflect the demands made on a health professional in those situations. The interlocutor follows a script so that the Speaking test structure is similar for each candidate. The interlocutor also has detailed information to use in each role-play. Different role-plays are used for different candidates at the same test administration.

Join England English to enjoy the Best OET Coaching Experience in Hyderabad and score high in all sections of the test! You can also Get the Best OET online coaching with England English in case you are unable to attend direct classes. In fact, many people who joined in our England England training Institute for OET coaching are those living abroad (from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe, Canada...) and not just only those from Hyderabad, India

How to Book OET Exam Slot [or] OET Exam Registration Process:

1. Visit Official OET Website at
2. Clink on 'BOOK A TEST', then Select the Country and the place, Click on 'BOOK'
3. Then, you will be redirected to
4. Create an Account withall the details such as, email ID, Phone number, and upload your coloured photograph.
5. Furnish your details as in the PASSPORT.
6. After creating your account, Select the Test Place, Center, and Profession properlcy.
7. AT the end, pay the fee of 587 AUD via Credit card mode of payment.
8. Get the Seat acknowledgement.

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